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CMU Softball Hits Home for the DeLamielleure Sisters


Cory, junior, and Chelsea, sophomore, DeLamielleure are sisters that share a passion for softball. The sisters grew up playing travel softball together when they were eight years old.  Other sports they played when they were younger include soccer, volleyball, and basketball which was coached by their mom.

Now, both girls play on Central Michigan University’s softball team.  Coach Margo Jonker first looked to recruit Cory and then found out that both sisters wanted to play at the same school.  Cory said when she came to visit CMU, she fell in love with the team, the coach, and the campus itself.  Both sisters were really excited when they found out they were both being recruited to play on the same college team, a dream that they both share.

Cory plays catcher and sometimes first base while Chelsea is a utility player that sometimes plays second and third.

Chelsea says that one of her favorite parts about playing on a team with her sister is that they share a sort of non verbal communication.  She says it is exciting and can be a “game-changer” when she makes that connection with Cory.

“Pretty much between every play, we will just look at each other and we will know what we want to do,” Chelsea said.

“Growing up with our dad being our coach he has always pointed out similar things for us to look for,” Cory said.

When asked to describe each other’s playing style, both sisters agree that Cory plays with a more serious tone while Chelsea like to have fun and smile on the field.  The sisters balance each other out between having fun and keeping focused.

When the DeLamielleure sisters are not on the softball field, they can be found hanging out together, studying, making dinner, and playing Catch Phrase-a favorite downtime activity.

Family is an important value shared by the sisters so when they aren’t at CMU, they go home to spend time with their parents and siblings.

“Playing with Cory is like having a home away from home”, Chelsea said.  “Being able to play division 1 softball together is one of the most exciting things and we will have a lot of memories from it.”


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